Trial information

Trial information

Please note that the PACE trial closed to recruitment on 28 November 2008.

21 September 2012 update: Health economics paper, including cost-effectiveness comparisons, has now been published in PLOS ONE, and is available for free download at this link.

11 March 2011 update: Full PACE paper and web appendix now available to download free of charge, after registering with The Lancet

18 February 2011 update: Participants' newsletter issue 4 now available (see below)

17 February 2011 update: PACE treatment manuals available

Treatment manuals (all PDFs): The treatment manuals are available free of charge for down-loading, so long as no changes are made to the manuals. Any use of these manuals should acknowledge the PACE trial (www.pacetrial.org). These manuals were used in the PACE trial by healthcare professionals and participants to support PACE trial treatments, which are described in the manuals. The results regarding efficacy and safety of these treatments are not yet published, but will be reported in the main paper of the PACE trial.

These treatments should only be delivered by appropriately qualified healthcare professionals, who have received appropriate training and continued supervision in their use. The treatments described were not designed to be stand-alone self-help approaches. No responsibility is accepted by the authors for the application of treatments described in these manuals outside of the PACE trial. The PACE trial team are unable to respond to queries or comments regarding the use of these manuals or the treatments described.

  1. APT treatment manual
  2. APT participant manual
  3. CBT treatment manual
      Appendix to (3)
  4. CBT participant manual NB copyright © Constable and Robinson
      Appendix to (4)
  5. GET treatment manual
  6. GET participant manual
  7. SSMC treatment manual

March 2010 update: Data collection for the one year follow up has now been completed. The trial data is currently being analysed in preparation for publication of the findings. Further information regarding publication will be posted here when available.

To see the information on the trial given to potential participants, please click here (PDF, 42 KB)

Patient Clinic Leaflet (PDF, 30 KB)


Participants' newsletters (all PDFs):

  1. June 2006 (330 KB)
  2. March 2007 (345K)
  3. December 2008 (400 KB)
  4. February 2011 (60 KB)


On-line trial protocol published on BioMed Central